Are you feeling stressed out? Do you struggle with feeling anxious and overwhelmed or even suffer with panic attacks?

Many people struggle on a day to day basis to function because “Stress” has built up inside them and is affecting them on both a physical and emotional level. On the outside people can seem together and in control of their life but on the inside they can be struggling with holding everything together.

I have been treating people for the past twenty years who feel stressed out with their demanding jobs, anxious about their future or worried about their relationships. Stress and anxiety can show up in many different ways, perhaps you can recognise yourself in some of these?

Trouble sleeping
Bad headaches
Neck and shoulder pain
Panic attack
Mood swings
Lacking in humour
Angry outbursts
Relying on tea and coffee
Alcohol or drug use to relax.

Talking through your anxieties and stress can relieve the burden of pressure you may be feeling. It can also help to look at how you are living your life and perhaps identify areas you may wish to change or adapt. Sometimes it can be as simple as learning to have boundaries in your everyday life. Learning its okay to say “No” sometimes in order that you can take better care of yourself.

It can also be enlightening to explore feelings of anxiety and panic and what is triggering them as well as how to cope better and relieve the symptoms. There are no magic cures for getting rid of stress and anxiety but it can help to talk it through, look at the roots & explore different options available.