Somatic Experiencing

“I have had therapy before, but usually been so overwhelmed by the feelings that come up for me that I have shut down and stayed stuck. It has been different with Kate because the overwhelming feelings I experience in my body no longer get in the way of the counselling process but are exactly what we work with.

SE work is all about connecting with the body, and releasing trauma in a gentle way. Kate's support through this process has been absolute. Within sessions she has taught me grounding techniques and helped me find resources within myself and within the world - things that calm me down and help me feel ok. When I am triggered in sessions she helps me come back in to the room - to find anchors there, and to connect with myself and with her. She has helped me to feel safe enough to connect with my body and it's store of memories and feelings.

All of these things have enabled me, very gradually, to start to release my feelings and all of the traumatic energy that has been trapping me in a painful place. They are also tools that help me to manage my feelings and emotions outside of sessions, meaning that I don't get triggered or overwhelmed as easily or as often and am more able to enjoy the good things in my life. I found Kate when I had lost hope that things could ever change, and am so grateful for her input and care; she has been a lifeline to me.” (Hertfordshire Client)

Somatic experiencing builds on traditional trauma therapy methods (which address emotions and behaviour) by incorporating the body and felt sense, releasing the trauma that is locked in your body.

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“I see the results in myself which other people have commented on. I have learnt to be more present and grounded and I feel calmer. It’s had a rehabilitative affect on my whole body”. (Hertfordshire Client)